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Organic Farming

Respect for nature

After ten centuries of uninterrupted agricultural tradition, BADIA A COLTIBUONO still uses organic production methods to safeguard its natural assets. Its philosophy of environmental sustainability has made it the first leading wine-producing firm in Chianti to have reached this important objective. This healthy viticulture choice has also helped to further the aim of making the wines more distinctive and unique, as an expression of the place and its tradition. Indeed, the objective is to ensure that wine continues to be a delightful companion to good food and entertaining. A natural approach is the key in ensuring the health of the vines and the environment: protecting and increasing the live, organic composition of the soil by employing cover crops and by viewing weeds not as enemies but as allies in this process. This also helps to prevent soil erosion. As in the past, the vines are fertilised with products that are strictly organic and are supported by poles made from local chestnut. Organic management also means that neither herbicides nor pesticides are used as they would eventually render the soil sterile as well as encourage the development of even more pests. The Firm uses the same dedication in the care of the two thousand-acre woodland surrounding the Abbey by monitoring the growth and ageing of every tree and their substitution. The woodland is also home to a number of animals which are becoming rare such as hedgehogs and porcupines, as well as other wood animals such as deer, squirrels and wild boar. Falcons and buzzards live in the treetops that become home to barn and long-eared owls at night. At Badia a Coltibuono man has made himself at one with nature and has succeeded in producing one of the most famous wines in the world while respecting the environment, its people, the seasons and the rhythms of nature. A responsible choice made with enthusiasm and determination.