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Campo Corto Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Lt. 0,500 Harvest 2021



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Badia a Coltibuono Campo Corto Organic Extra Virgin Oil – Toscano Protected Geographical Indication


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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This particular selection is the outcome of many years of research into the varieties of olive which have been traditionally grown in the Tuscan region to produce extra virgin oil. The olive groves have been certified organic since 1994 and are surrounded by woodland.

Tasting Notes

A golden, yellow color with glimmers of green.  The oil has an intense herbal nose with whiffs of artichokes and aromatic herbs.  The robust flavor, both vibrant and intense, has spicy notes in the finish.


Badia a Coltibuono cultivates about 18 hectares of olive trees (a total of 7200 plants). The groves are located between 450 and 520 meters asl below the abbey, overlooking the Arno Valley. 

The cultivation has been 100% Organic, and certified since 1994. 

The olives are brought to the olive mill the same day of the harvest. Pressing and extraction are very careful, with temperatures that are kept below 28° C, with continuous extraction process.

Serving Suggestions: Hearty Tuscan soups—ribolitta, garbanzo beans with pasta, and “fett'unta”. Recommended for raw foods that require an especially aromatic olive oil.

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