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Grappa di Sangioveto



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The distillation of grape pomace has very ancient roots that parallel the evolution of science throughout the centuries.

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For the production of the Badia a Coltibuono Grappa Riserva the pomace after a soft pressing are distilled with an artisanal batch still at low temperature and with indirect steam. This process maintains the aromas of the fresh pomace in the grappa.
The Grappa is produced at the Nannoni distillery in Paganico (Gr), which is where many of the top wine producers in Italy have their Grappa made

The Grappa Riserva is a yellow straw-like colour with amber tones. It is elegant and refined on the nose while vanilla and spicy notes are evident due to its long maturation in barrels. It is soft on the palate, and with clean and persistent aftertaste

Ageing: over 18 months in 225 liter barrels
No. of bottles produced: 8.000


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